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Cixian ancient times often known as Ci Zhou, situated in southern Hebei Province. The county a total space of 1041 square kilometers, with a total inhabitants of 600,000 folks, is among the State Council accepted the opening county.
Cixian strategic location, handy site visitors circumstances. Shanxi, Hebei, Shandong, Henan provinces thoroughfare, electrified the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, Beijing-Shenzhen Expressway north-south north-south. Handan Airport is situated 10 kilometers north in the county.
Cixian wealthy in natural sources, specialty considerable, more than 20 kinds of confirmed mineral assets, bituminous coal, limestone, refractory clay, clay, crimson sandstone, bentonite, Sheung Shui and stone greater than 10 kinds of mineral resources, with a complete reserves of two.3 billion tons. By which bituminous coal reached 650 million tons recoverable. Is the primary coking coal and high-high quality steam coal, the world-famous mines in Cixian six brook. Cixian has 70 million mu of cultivated land, 24 million mu of farm land suitable for afforestation mountains, fresh water aquaculture space of 5 hectares, is about in Hebei Province of food and agricultural development counties. Cizhou rice, white lotus root, carp Fuyang prestigious.
Cixian full industry classes, the idea of favorable conditions. The county has 148 industrial enterprises above the township degree, has formed the coal, metallurgy, chemical industry, equipment, textile, medication, building supplies, clothing, brewing, agricultural and sideline merchandise processing ten pillar industries. The principle merchandise are coal, coke, pig iron, fertilizer, cement, refractory supplies, civil explosives, bearings, mechanism shovel, industrial pumps, car crankshaft, alcohol, furfural, titanium dioxide, and so forth. One output of 1.4 million tons of raw coal, coke, 400,000 tons. Cixian distinctive water assets, there may be Yuecheng, Dongwushi two large reservoirs. The bottom water reserves of 1.285 billion cubic meters, groundwater reserves of 130 million cubic meters; situated in the Han (Dan) peak (peak) An (yang) grid middle, new industrial tasks on the guaranteed supply of electricity.
Cixian an extended historical past and brilliant culture, and public service services is a perfect tourist vacation spot. County there are nationwide and 145 provincial-degree units to be protected, 16 county-stage units to be protected. Cizhou sites, beneath the seven-Yuan Shang websites, Warrior Lan Ling cemetery, Northern Dynasty Tombs, well-known Eastern Wei and Northern Qi Dynasty Mausoleum zones. Ninety two yr Japanese friendship delegation traveled far away, hundreds of miles journey to the cemetery to pay homage to Cixian Warrior Lan Ling, every summer, tourists collect Dongwushi reservoir, water boat shadow, shore parachutes, enjoy “small Beidaihe” laudatory. Ci Zhou Cao Cao and the close by town of spectacular, “three”, Akinori Yuan Ling, Huang goals, township hall caves, magnetic mountain culture, forming a complete vacationer area. In recent times, accelerated Cixian municipal building, for individuals’s spiritual and cultural life gives a comfortable setting for economic and tourism improvement has laid a very good foundation conditions. Cixian has turn out to be all-round opening sample. In recent years. Accredited the institution of joint ventures 21, sixty five million U.S. dollars of contracted foreign capital have already began funding in 14 joint ventures. Excessive Cotton wallpaper, plastic doorways and windows, concentrated fruit juice, mechanism shovel, furfural, industrial ceramics and different export products are exported to Japan, the United States, Britain, France, the Netherlands and Southeast Asia, 18 countries and regions. Creator Box gaga has 1 articles on-line

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