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Land Of Big Stones And Mysteries

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The island, called Rapa Nui within the native language, received its English-language identify from Holland’s Captain Jacob Roggeveen, who landed there on Easter Sunday in 1722. Roggeveen found a stone island stockists derby strange tradition and even stranger enormous buildings called Moai, face-like large rocks that dotted the coastlines, as if guarding the island’s people from intruders. Since that point, students have asked two necessary questions on Easter Island: 1) How did the people get there Have been they at all times there, or did they come from someplace else 2) How did they construct such huge rocks and transport them from the quarries where they have been constructed to the clifftops the place they were ultimately discovered Historians nonetheless can’t agree on where the island’s unique folks got here from, although most individuals suppose that they got here from someplace else. Did they sail from Chile, 1000’s of miles to the east Did they sail from Hawaii or a Polynesian island, thousands of miles to the west or northwest Nobody actually is aware of for certain, although many people have proof for his or her theories, together with similarities to both Chilean and Polynesian cultures. As for the moai, these thirteen-foot-tall, 14-ton stone carvings present an entirely totally different kind of mystery. Historians assume that the inhabitants of Easter Island built and transported the giant stone carvings between 1400 and 1600 A.D. However how did they do it And why did they do it