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Malta Prehistoric Temples

Garment-Dyed Cotton Tracksuit in BlackMalta and Gozo, located within the centre of the Mediterranean, have a rich historical past spanning over the last 7000 years or so! There are temples, goddesses, wrecks, hypogea, cemeteries, Bronze Age villages, catacombs, tombs, villas, baths, ‘cart ruts’, caves, auberges, palaces, fortifications, and so much more. All this is sure to interest any historian, archaeologist, or sightseer! But of all these, the oldest and maybe essentially the most spectacular are the prehistoric temples scattered everywhere in the islands.

Malta Archeology

The proof available suggests that man reached the islands by boat from Sicily about 7000 years ago. They had been farmers who constructed extraordinary structures out of massive slabs of stone. There’s little argument that these constructions had been actually temples because they’re monumental in dimension, comprise many symbols and altars, and present no signal of domestic use in any respect.

Inside the majority of the temples, statuettes (as well as one monumental statue) have been found which symbolize an opulent mom goddess, also called ‘The Fats Lady’. It is believed that she was worshipped by the farmers with the intention to have good crops within the typically sizzling weather.

Even the shape of these temples is unique; they’re either lobed, or made up of a series of apses. The incredible factor is that when seen from above (as a chicken’s eye view) the temples appear to have the identical shape as the mom goddess, with massive thighs! Apparently, there is no such thing as a such construction anyplace on the earth which is remotely much like our Maltese temples. This emphasizes the uniqueness of the island, present from even 7000 years ago!

There are some twenty three temples around the island, most of which stand alone or in pairs. These span from round 3600 to 2500BC, making them even older than the good Pyramid of Egypt, which dates to 2550BC! These embody the Ggantija temple, which is the oldest known temple found on the island of Gozo, Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Temples, Tarxien Temples, Kordin Temple, Skorba Temple, and Ta’ Hagrat Temple, amongst others.

There is also a prehistoric underground burial know because the Hal-Saflieni Hypogeum which is associated with the Tarxien Temple, in that it is alleged to be its related burial ground. It is also utterly unique and seems to be a lower-out copy of the temples, however underground. Apart from offerings and skeletons, two incredible chambers had been discovered inside, identified as the Holy of Holies, as effectively as the Oracle Room, recognized for its unimaginable use of sound. This hypogeum has been just lately restored, lit up, opened to the public and been acknowledged stone island sea blue nylon metal jacket as a UNESCO World Heritage site. But guide ahead, as only groups of 10 are allowed in every hour and that is absolutely not one to miss!

Maltese Tradition and Traditional Rituals
The rituals that took play inside the temples had been additionally very interesting and unique. Other than the statuettes of the mother goddess, many different symbols had been found, together with phallic symbols, carved farming animals, and a curly spiral design which has turn out to be considerably of a trademark on the island. The temples are divided into personal and public areas the place the priests and public were divided. Altars have been used to sacrifice animals to the deities, and holes at the entrances had been used for libration; the pouring of liquids reminiscent of water, wine or blood, to the goddess.

This unbelievable interval in our historical past ended very mysteriously and abruptly! At the end of what is understood because the ‘Tarxien Part’, which is the most recent part on this interval, the temples went completely out of use and it is sort of as if everyone disappeared. In actual fact, at a later part a new group of people moved into the temples and used them for utterly completely different reasons.