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Stumbling On The Abandoned Ruins Of King Zog’s Lengthy Island Property

I’ve recently been scouting across the Syosset area of Lengthy Island, and have steadily found myself driving north on 106.

And, each time I do, I’ve noticed these gates – clearly the entrance to an property of some variety:

But why was there a chain across the entrance

Curiosity lastly acquired the better of me and that i pulled over to have a better look.
Wanting through the gate, it was fairly clear no one had used the entrance in fairly some time, because the road beyond was cracked and overgrown, disappearing into the forest.

Additionally, you could possibly see the define of two torches that used to adorn the pillars:
So what was the story Not eager to trespass, I did some analysis later on and found that the dilapidated highway via these gates would have as soon as brought guests here:

That is Knollwood Estate, a Gold Coast-era mansion constructed for steel tycoon Charles Hudson between 1906 – 1920.

The mansion had 60 rooms and was set on a 260-acre property. These photos have been taken in 1911 for Structure magazine.

Nevertheless, folks more generally check with the property as King Zog’s estate. Who was King Zog
Ahmet Muhtar Bej Zogolli, or Zog I, was the ruler of Albania from 1922 to 1939. After being ousted by Mussolini, Zog and his family fled to England. Plans have been made to relocate to the United States, and in 1951, Knollwood was purchased for their new residence, at a value of $102,800.

Though Zog originally planned to make use of the property as a satellite tv for pc of Albania, complete with Albanian topics at his disposal, he by no means moved in, and Knollwood fell into disrepair. Vandals soon descended on the property looking for treasure supposedly hidden by Zog in its walls, and the conditioned worsened. It was bought in 1955, and at last torn down in 1959.

Properly, principally torn down – right this moment, the ruins of the Knollwood Property lie within the Muttonwood Preserve. I decided to hike out to find them.

Er, it took slightly longer than expected, because the trails are actually poorly marked, and that i kept getting misplaced in the woods. However after a bit of backtracking and bushwacking, I managed to seek out the trail resulting in the property.

That is Knollwood in 1911:
This is Knollwood at this time:

Essentially the most substantial remaining construction is the grand-double staircase…
…which the mansion once sat atop:

Vines now grow down the sides, which truly feels acceptable for its former splendor:
Two alcoves are positioned on both facet, visible in the above historical photos:

The steps meet at what I think was once a fountain…
Vandals have not been variety:

I love how angry the face is – nearly like she’s infuriated at the state of the property:
The decrease half – nearly seems to be like candle wax (oh, how I wish I had stumbled upon a bunch of Lengthy Island Satanists worshipping round a candlelit altar right here):

The steps are utterly coated over by dirt. I tried digging down to see if any steps stay, but couldn’t get very far and not using a shovel:

The other staircase, littered with chunks of the estate:
I headed upstairs to the place the mansion would have been…

…but found solely overgrowth:
There’s a clearing slightly ways in, however they did a fairly good job of removing all traces of its existence:

Nonetheless, I like the curious remnants that persist, like this stone line operating across the property. The extra I saved digging round it, the more it continued:

Initially, the patio was made from brick:
Brickwork can nonetheless be discovered beneath the stone island red tracksuit dirt:

One of many few remaining balustrades:
A pillar, open on the aspect where a balustrade would have connected.

Immediately, the view off the balcony will not be notably spectacular:
However had you been standing right here a hundred years in the past, you’ll have seen three tiers of lush gardens stretching out, as pictured in this 1950s aerial shot:

Fragments of those gardens can nonetheless be found. For example, a marble basin was positioned about midway down the middle lawn:

Photo from the Society for the Preservation of Lengthy Island Antiquities – click on for many more via

The platform for the basin continues to be in place (the actual basin was moved to the Nassau Home mansion):

Persevering with on, you come to a staircase flanked by two columned constructions:
These may be seen in the aerial shot, dividing the 2 gardens:

The staircase is still largely intact:
The japanese structure:

Sadly, much of it is crumbling:
It looks as if one thing was initially positioned in the middle:

The western construction is in far worse shape, with chunks of cement literally dangling:
However one neat shock remains: the unique tilework, now principally coated by dirt:

Another one of those “I wonder what this as soon as was” bits…
A marble corner…but to what

An old plant potter, hidden in the brush:
I found one last structure at the farthest finish of the property:

The highest consists of an unidentified something resting on a circle of bricks:
The construction is sunk in the ground…

…and really is fairly giant inside – maybe a storehouse of some variety
Simply beside it, I found this row of bricks. I started digging in the dirt, and the bricks stored going, and going, and going…

And as it seems, Knollwood has much more hidden than just ruins. In 2001, some men had been out orienteering when they observed one thing shiny sticking out of the bottom. It turned out to be a human bone, and the complete skeleton of a 5’3″ woman was soon unearthed, curled right into a fetal place.

Visiting the ruins of the Knollwood Property is a great option to spend your Sunday. If you want to take the lengthy route, seize a map at the nature Center off of Muttontown Lane. If it’s cold and also you need to take the quick route, park on the equestrian space off of 106. On the again of the parking lot, you’ll discover a path beside an information kiosk. Head down the trail, and you’ll quickly come to a second trail heading off to the left. Follow this for just a little methods, eventually crossing a damaged paved street, and you’ll come to Knollwood…in idea. Likelihood is, you’ll get a little bit lost, however with sufficient persistence you’ll stumble on the virtually-residence of King Zog I.

For extra information/footage on Knollwood, or other Long Island Estates, stone island red tracksuit be sure to check out!

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