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Have you ever Tried It

The massive pink sun was rising over Tambopata River. We were sitting on a small island in the course of the river in the heart of the Amazon rainforests of southeastern Peru. Somewhere upstream the rainy season has already started and the river was wild. Huge bushes and branches have been floating by within the brown raging water. The scene was similar to within the movies.

Parrots started gathering from all directions. They got here in pairs and in little flocks. They landed on the crowns of timber surrounding a massive clay lick of the river financial institution. Every minute the noise of squawking parrots got louder and louder. The solar was slowly rising above the river. Finally it cleared the canopy of the jungles. At that precise second, as if by command, all the birds flew off the timber and landed on the financial institution of the river in a spectacular explosion of coloration and sound. As soon as they had been stone island overshirt xxl on the clay lick they started feasting on the clay. It was an amazing sight. Each group of parrots was sitting separately from another one primarily based on the colours of their feathers. Green ones with green, blue ones with blue. They never blended.
I witnessed this nature spectacle in Peru on Tambopata River. Macaws stone island overshirt xxl and parrots come to the clay lick to obtain the hard to seek out minerals which can be solely present in excessive concentrations in the clay soil. It is also thought that parrots eat the clay to neutralize the results of toxic fruits and seeds they eat. Lastly, some scientists hypothesize that macaws additionally socialize and exchange information as they collect across the clay lick.

Many years later at the native Artwork and Wine festival I met a pair who was making various products from the identical kind of clay I have seen in Peru! It instantly caught my consideration as a result of I remembered parrots enthusiasm with which they consumed it. I bought among the merchandise and started studying about clay as a lot as I may. I learn the e book by Ray Knishinsky “The Clay Cure: Pure Healing from the Earth” and spent many hours on the internet researching the topic.
I got here to a conclusion that clay can present three very important benefits to my physique:

– It accommodates more than 60 minerals that as vital to our body as vitamins and is often overlooked
– It detoxifies the body and keeps digestive system clear from inside
– It balances physique pH which is very important for human health

To me it was like “killing three birds with one stone”. I started utilizing the clay about two years ago. I drink it with hot water very first thing within the morning, use soap, toothpaste, face and foot masks and plenty of different products containing clay. All products are mixture of natural clay and herbs. By using it I minimize the quantity of chemicals I put in my body. I love this clay and wish to inform everybody about it. I highly suggest it!