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New Caledonia An Uncharted Gem

New Caledonia has grow to be a peaceful and tranquil land where totally different ethnic populations dwell and develop aspect by aspect : Melanesians, Europeans, Wallisians, Futunians, Polynesians, Asians, Indonesians and West Indians.

Right now this ethnical mix is the wealth of the archipelago and contributes to its extraordinary cultural variety. To find New Caledonia you need firstly to fulfill its inhabitants and find out about their traditions. Within the tribes, kindness and hospitality is greater than a reality, its a manner of life. This philosophy is acted out every day with the customized, a solemn second, or the sharing of a meal around the fireplace embers.

Close to nature, the Kanak people know all the secrets and techniques, fables and legends that are only revealed to Stone Island attentive ears. Elsewhere, life in the outback commands admiration and respect; a tough however privileged life-style, based mostly totally on agriculture and cattle breeding. Land as far as the eye can see, cattle rounded up on horseback, bivouacs within the moonlight. These stockmen are the kings of the plains.

The astonishing magnificence of the brand new Caledonia landscapes evokes sculptors, painters and engravers. Writers and photographers additionally fall below its charm. Dance and music, common languages in the Polynesian and Oceanic cultures, present the archipelago with its stone island outlet los angeles most stunning high quality.

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Peaceful but dynamic. Designated as a natural port within the 19th century, Noumea has become the economical, administrative and cultural capital of the archipelago. Boutiques, eating places, cinemas and theatres rub shoulders with the city’s gardens and parks. The colonial houses of the primary European settlers and the dressed stone buildings, vestiges of the pioneer years, blend harmoniously with the trendy architectural fashion of town.