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The World Of Ice And Fireplace: Notes And Musings

Howling Hills: The Howling Hills are inhabited by bandits and worse. The Battle in the Howling Hills was fought here.

Within the Jade Sea
Gabardine Cotton Cap In BlackMoraq: the largest island within the identified world. The northern half of Great Moraq is a mixture of plains, hills, and small forests, whereas the southern half of the island is densely forested. Nice Moraq was once conquered by Jar Joq, one of the sea-green god-emperors of Yi Ti. Due to the prevailing winds, the jap shore of Great Moraq is lightly settled and not often visited. The western shore is more populous and is related with the Jade Sea commerce routes.

^ Makes sense — no place however Leng, Asshai, and Yi Ti to the east, and the ships at the western ports can all the time sail by way of the Jade Gates to get to those locations, if need be.

Faros: a metropolis at the mouth of a river on the northern stretch of Nice Moraq’s western coast. The inhabitants of the city worship the Stone Cow.

Port Moraq: a port metropolis on the southern coast of Nice Moraq, near the Cinnamon Straits. The land north of the city is a dense rain forest. South of Port Moraq is the Isle of Elephants. Traders usually stop on the port when returning from the Jade Sea.

Lesser Moraq: a forested island within the eastern Summer season Sea. No known ports or cities.
Vahar: a city on an island of the same identify in the japanese Summer Sea. Vahar, located between Great Moraq to the east and Lesser Moraq to the west, has grow to be wealthy from the spice trade.

North of Yi Ti
The great Sand Sea: a massive desert valley and canyon in Essos. Some maesters consider it to be an ancient inland sea, since dried, and become baking hot within the south and progressively colder to the north.

Tiqui: one of the ancient capitals of Yi Ti, and was the origin of a number of the nation’s past god-emperors. The dynasty of the purple emperors had their seat positioned at Tiqui. It is in northern Yi Ti, previous the thick and large forest and into the grasslands.

Trader City: a city of northern Yi Ti in eastern Essos. The garrison metropolis of Trader City is the seat of Pol Qo, the self-proclaimed orange emperor.

The Shrinking Sea: Having drained over time, the landlocked Shrinking Sea now consists of a few lakes.

The Far, Far East The place All the Mystical Shit Happens
Bleeding Sea: a big inland sea in japanese Essos. It is named for its blood-crimson waters, that are caused by a blooming plant. There’s a small island in the northern part of the sea. Roughly 5 rivers connect to the Bleeding Sea; one runs south by to Jinqi and the Jade Sea. Simply south of the Bleeding Sea is a marshy area.

The Gray Waste: Raiders out of the Grey Waste often assault the 5 Forts, which separates the wastes from Yi Ti.

K’Dath: The inhabitants of K’Dath declare the town is the first and oldest in the world. It is claimed that Ok’Dath is the site of unspeakable rites carried out to slake the hunger of mad gods and that even the Shrykes that dwell within the lands south of the town fear it.

Cannibal Sands: The inhabitants of the Cannibal Sands allegedly eat human flesh.
Land of The Shrykes: a dangerous place populated by shrieking monsters.

^ Between the K’Dathii, Gray Waste raiders, cannibals, and Shrykes, all in a row, it isn’t any wonder the 5 Forts are 1,000 ft tall, and can occupy not less than 10,000 soldiers in each tower.

That’s a 4 pronged assault of sheer horror.
Bonetown: may be named after its commerce in strange, aged bones discovered within the nearby Dry Deep. It is usually informed that the town is made completely of bones.

The Dry Deep: an “L”-shaped canyon in far eastern Essos, south of the Cannibal Sands and the Gray Waste. It is alleged the valley is completely devoid of water and life.

^ I wouldn’t be surprised if these places are where dinosaur bones come from, as we all know there are such skeletons in ASOIAF. They seem to have both healing or magical powers, as a result of they are a commodity on the trade market — may be dragon bones.

Cities of The Bloodless Males: Travelers claim stone island outlet genova the cities are inhabited by people as pale because the dead. Others claim the inhabitants are corpses who have been drained of blood and returned to life by way of dark rites.

^ Probably using the identical magic that Thoros of Myr makes use of in ASOIAF, stemming from Asshai. Tribes of men like Beric Dondarrion who keep coming back to life, refusing to die.

Metropolis of The Winged Men: The city’s inhabitants are said to stone island outlet genova have leather wings and to have the ability to fly like eagles.

^ Either wyverns or Lizard Men
Hidden Sea: a legendary sea nestled within the southeastern stretches of the Mountains of the Morn in far japanese Essos. It’s waters are a really dark, almost purple color — nothing else is really recognized about it. No river or stream feeds it which makes it a bit of bit mysterious.

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