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New Radical Revolution: 10 World-Altering Ideas

Went to a social gathering down a purple-dirt street. There were a number of pretty people there, studying Rolling Stone, studying Vogue…” That line from Joni Mitchell’s California drifted via my head as I rode the streetcar down Spadina to the launch of one more world-altering enterprise (see number one under).

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Later that night, I called up YouTube in the hunt for videos of Joni back within the day. Immediately my head and coronary heart had been crammed with photographs of the folks we (boomers) had been and the way passionately we wished to alter the world. (Watch the video to remember how young and beautiful and filled with hope we were.) As stone island membrana 3l tc blouson jacket I drifted off to sleep, I realized that an unfinished revolution is rising up inside of us. This time, though, we have now the information, skills, and resources to do what we as soon as only dreamed of. Plus, it is not just midlifers who are within the revolution — younger individuals are just as idealistic and charged up as we had been.