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Drew Struzan – Legends Of Film Poster Artwork Vol.3

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Drew Struzan – Legends of Film Poster Art vol.Three
Updated on January eight, 2015 Steve Lensman moreContact Creator A tribute to one among the nice movie poster artists.

Drew Struzan was born in 1947 in Oregon City, Oregon. He studied illustration at the Artwork Heart College of Design in California, he graduated with honors and a Bachelor of Arts diploma.

Struzan began working on film poster artwork in the mid-70’s, but it surely was his poster design for the re-launch of Star Wars in 1978 (working with fellow artist Charles White III) that really gave his career a lift. Dubbed “the circus poster”, after they discovered stone island marina that there wasn’t sufficient stone island marina room on the unique poster for the actors and crew names, they expanded it by making it seem like the unique artwork was an old torn poster stuck to a wall.

Persevering with his affiliation with George Lucas, Struzan designed a emblem for the consequences studio ILM, he worked on the posters for both the Star Wars saga and Indiana Jones motion pictures.

He also produced new poster artwork for the Particular Editions of the unique Star Wars trilogy, he later created the movie posters for Star Wars prequels The Phantom Menace, Assault of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

By the late 90’s traditional poster art was on the decline and digitally composed photograph montages on posters were standard with studios. Struzan started wanting elsewhere for work resembling comedian books,

His work has appeared on US Postage stamps, on board games and Franklin Mint collectible plates.
He retired in 2008

In 2010 a documentary was produced on his life and work: Drew: The Man Behind the Poster, it consists of interviews with George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Guillermo del Toro and was directed by Erik Sharkey.

There have been varied books on his work including The Movie Posters of Drew Struzan (2004), The Artwork of Drew Struzan (2010) and Drew Struzan: Oeuvre (2011).

Welcome to
The Drew Struzan Film Poster Page

Selected Filmography –
1976 – Meals of the Gods
1977 – Empire of the Ants
1977 – Star Wars (1978 re-subject)
1981 – The Cannonball Run
1981 – Raiders of the Lost Ark
1982 – ET the Extraterrestrial
1982 – I the Jury
1982 – Blade Runner
1982 – The Factor
1983 – Risky Enterprise
1983 – To Be or To not Be
1983 – Below Fireplace
1984 – Dreamscape
1984 – Johnny Dangerously
1984 – Police Academy
1984 – Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
1985 – The Goonies
1985 – Again to the future
1985 – Return to Oz
1985 – Ladyhawke
1986 – Huge Trouble in Little China
1986 – The Identify of the Rose
1986 – An American Tail
1987 – Adventures in Babysitting
1987 – Batteries Not Included
1988 – Coming to America
1988 – Sunset
1989 – Harlem Nights
1989 – Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
1989 – Again to the longer term II
1990 – Again to the future III
1991 – Hook
1995 – Cutthroat Island
1999 – Star Wars I The Phantom Menace
2001 – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (US poster)
2002 – Star Wars II Assault of the Clones
2004 – Hellboy
2005 – Star Wars III Revenge of the Sith

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sendingFloraBreenRobison 6 years in the past
Hooray, Cogerson: you are secure and have energy!

Hello Cogerson, good to see you have survived nature’s fury, thanks for posting.
For some time I thought Drew wasn’t going to make it into my artists hub collection. An enormous problem here when the one little bit of bio you will discover sends out warning indicators.

Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia
Very nicely performed…I really feel that I have been seeing his work most of my life, and now I do know who the man behind the curtain is…thanks for sharing this info.

My favorites of the poster you confirmed would be Gold-BladeRunner Silver- Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom…Bronze-Back to the longer term.

It’s a shame that laptop poster artwork just about ran him out of enterprise….these things go in cycles so I’m certain his type of poster can be again….and at 64…he may still have a number of masterpieces left in him

Voted up and superior.
AuthorSteve Lensman 6 years in the past from London, England

Hello Flora, I much desire the hand painted film posters of yesteryear to the photograph montages of immediately, which largely consist of head shots of the actors. I’m not shocked lots of these previous posters promote for thousands of dollars at auction.

That Back to the longer term poster is a favorite, I remember questioning what that factor was behind Michael J. Fox until I noticed the film and realised it was the door of the car. 🙂

FloraBreenRobison 6 years in the past
I should admit that many of the movies for which you provided the posters I have not seen. Simply the type of films, I suppose, as properly as the period are the reasons. my favorite film of them is Again to the future. As I little bit of bias being a fan of Fox, I might in all probability say this even if I had seen more of these films. Concerning the record of film titles you listing by identify, with or without a poster proven, I’ve seen 10 of them-and three of these star Fox. I am not stunned Struzan needed to movie to comedian books. I know digital art means that you can do issues never doable earlier than, but it many ways I think it simply decreases the amount of creative inginuity by particular person artists. I’ve always seen, to go back to motion pictures, the next degree of artwork in the hand drawn photos of Disney movies of old in the 2D form, than within the Pixar sort of animation which can do it faster and extra effectively.

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