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Research: Easter Island Had Supportive And Inclusive Community

Stone Island Crewneck Sweater GreenAn analysis of so-referred to as pukao — colossal stone hats of monumental statues (moai) on Easter Island — provides evidence opposite to the broadly held belief that the stone island logo kopen ancient civilization had a warrior tradition.

Easter Island, known as Rapa Nui to its earliest inhabitants, is one of the most remote inhabited islands on Official this planet. Image credit: Yerson Retamal.

Pukao are massive, cylindrical stones made from a volcanic rock generally known as ‘red scoria.’
Weighing multiple tons, they were placed on the heads of the moai throughout prehistoric instances, consistent with the Polynesian traditions of honoring their ancestors.

Professor Carl Lipo from the State College of latest York, Binghamton, and his colleagues from Pennsylvania State University, California State University, and the University of Oregon produced the primary study analyzing the pukao and their significance.

The researchers created 3D images of fifty pukao that after adorned moai and compared them to thirteen additional stone hats positioned in Puna Pau, the island’s red scoria pukao quarry.

They found that there are much more drawings carved into pukao than was previously thought.
Pukao are large, cylindrical stones made from ‘red scoria.’ Picture credit: Carl Lipo.

“With the building mitigating any sense of conflict, the moai construction stone island logo kopen and pukao placement were key parts to the success of the island,” Professor Lipo mentioned.

“In our analysis of the archaeological information, we see proof that demonstrates the prehistoric communities repeatedly worked together to build monuments.”

“The action of cooperation had a benefit to the neighborhood by enabling sharing of data and assets.”

“Every time we glance at the archaeological report of the island, we are surprised by what we find,” he added.

“There is rather more to be discovered from this remarkable place — vital answers that shed light on the talents of our ancestors, in addition to potential ideas for contemporary society about what it takes to survive on a tiny and remote island.”

The team’s results are revealed within the journal Advances in Archaeological Practice.
“While Easter Island is famous, the archaeological document of the island is just not properly-documented,” Professor Lipo mentioned.

“We imagine that scientists can be taught a terrific deal from the pukao by analyzing this new information.”

Sean W. Hixon et al. Using Structure from Motion Mapping to Report and Analyze Particulars of the Colossal Hats (Pukao) of Monumental Statues on Rapa Nui (Easter Island).

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