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Thailand Pages; Attractions For The Vacationer In North Jap Thailand

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Thailand Pages; Points of interest for the Tourist in North Jap Thailand
Up to date on November 8, 2015 Greensleeves Hubs moreAlun is a frequent customer to Thailand and writes private accounts of the country’s great sights in a sequence of simple-to-read articles

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Ask non-Thais what they know of the nation of Thailand, and most will be aware of Bangkok, the capital metropolis, and so they could also be conversant in the exotic islands and beaches of the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea, and some will know of the town of Chang Mai and the hill tribe cultures of North West Thailand. However not so many will know of North Jap Thailand, the region bordered to the west by the Petchabun Mountain Vary and to the north and east by the nation of Laos. Indeed, all the space in some respects has more in frequent with Laos than with the remainder of Thailand, with a particular tradition, lifestyle, and dialect.

Comparatively few bundle tourists will journey to this a part of Thailand, and consequently they miss out on the numerous sights to be seen or skilled here. This brief page is an introduction to among the places of interest in North Japanese Thailand, primarily based on several brief visits to the area made within the years 2009 and 2010.

All photos on this page have been taken by the creator in Udon Thani Province, Nong Khai Province, and Bueng Kan Province.

The Historic Archaeology of Ban Chiang
Civilisation in North Jap Thailand is now identified up to now back at the least to the early Bronze Age of c 2000 BC, however the key proof for this was solely uncovered by accident in relatively recent occasions. In 1966 within the village of Ban Chiang in Udon Thani Province, an American anthropology scholar referred to as Steve Young, was carrying out interviews for a thesis he was writing. Sooner or later, he was strolling along a village path when he stumbled and fell over a tree root. Nearly unbelievably, he found himself mendacity face to face with damaged bits of half buried pigment decorated pottery. He immediately recognised the primitive nature of the pottery, and he also appreciated the uniqueness of the designs.

Excavations at the location started throughout the next year, and along with way more pottery, some human remains were discovered. Bronze artifacts had been also uncovered (although the absence of bronze work from the very deepest, oldest excavations suggests that the civilisation here spanned the boundary between earlier Neolithic non-metallic working culture and Bronze Age cultures).

Right now, it’s believed this area was really first settled many thousands of years earlier than the Bronze Age, however that the Ban Chiang discoveries represent the most vital finds of their age in South-East Asia. At the site there’s a museum displaying the finds (with English labels), as well as the original archaeological dig with discoveries in situ and souvenirs to purchase.

Queen Sirikit’s 60th Birthday Arboretum
Just a few miles south of town of Udon Thani there is a very totally different expertise which visitors can get pleasure from. That is Queen Sirikit’s 60th Birthday Anniversary Arboretum at Nong Saeng. These gardens were named in honour of the Queen’s birthday in 1992, and they’re one of 4 such parks in Thailand.

The gardens are free to enter and the landscaping is admittedly attractively laid out. Sadly (or maybe gladly) the gardens seem to be so little known that they are sometimes bereft of holiday makers and one can stroll around and benefit from the plants in peace and tranquility.

Udon Thani Museum
While in Udon Thani, it’s worthwhile paying a short go to to the town museum, which affords a useful method to assemble together ideas and experiences of time spent in North Japanese Thailand. The museum holds many exhibits which relate to the history, the tradition and the pure sciences of this part of Thailand, and notably the prehistoric relics of the Ban Chiang period. Exhibits are labelled in English as well as the native language. The museum was in-built 1920 as a school hall and isn’t solely laid out attractively on the inside, but the exterior can also be extraordinarily enticing to have a look at.

Phu Phrabat Park
To the north west of Udon Thani on the western edge of the Phu Phan mountains there is a sandstone ridge standing about 1000 feet (300m) excessive. Atop this hill is probably the most outstanding of all of the points of interest of North East Thailand – a site of curious rock formations, prehistoric human tradition and Buddhist religious shrines.

The rock formations are dramatic, bizarre and seemingly gravity defying. However they are all the work of nature. Thousands and thousands of years ago, nice ice sheets lined this space and the power of nature driven via glaciers, broke up big rock boulders and slowly transported them right here. When the temperatures rose and the ice finally receded, the boulders had been simply left, dumped haphazardly, abandoned the place they lay. And right here they have lain ever since.

Nature had played its half in creating this scenic surprise, but now human intervention would add to the mix. As prehistoric peoples arrived in the realm, they discovered these stones – a few of which had been perched precariously on top of others – to be natural shelters. And right here they created rock artwork which survives to this day. Greater than 40 of the boulder sites have evidence of human dwelling, or of purple pigmented drawings of individuals or local animals which they hunted, akin to buffalo.

At some sites the inhabitants of this area gouged small holes within the rocks above and the bottom below and wedged in sticks to kind a cage like barrier to keep out wild animals. At present trendy canes are positioned here to reveal the method.

Whether or not Stone Age peoples additionally saw religious symbolism in these strange standing stones shouldn’t be known, but certainly for subsequent generations, the stones acquired stone island down jacket pink a sacred appeal which led to Buddhist monks making sanctuaries below – or indeed inside – the rocks, and they also carved some Buddha iconography in the realm. And legends then grew up across the rock formations in an try and make some sense of them.

One such story relates to Hoh Nang Usa – probably the most sculptured of all the boulder edifices. Right here an enormous slab of rock perching on an upright mound, is central to an area legend about an attractive princess – Nang Usa – who was compelled to stay in the rock room close to the top by her over-protective father. In reality the room had been carved many centuries before by a monk who lived here.

Phu Phrabat is a remarkable place on many ranges around which one can wander for a number of hours, and it is a superb site of pure and human history.

Click on thumbnail to view full-measurement Salakeoku Statue Park
A quick drive to the north east of Phu Phrabat, however in a special province of Thailand altogether, is the positioning of some of the extraordinary ‘theme parks’ you’ll discover wherever on the earth. Within the Province of Nong Khai a brief distance from the Laos border, there stand a couple of hundred great stone statues, which search for all of the world like they could be historical and venerable religious icons. Not quite. Actually they had been all created less than 50 years in the past, albeit with a robust spiritual motivation in mind.

This is Salakeoku. Unorthodox mystic and shaman Luangpu Bunluea Surirat was a Laotian who fled his country during the Communist takeover of Laos in the 1970s. He chose to settle in North Japanese Thailand the place he decided to place into concrete his belief that the teachings of all religions may very well be united together in larger harmony. He started the construction of a park full of statues which have been impressed by the various faiths of the world, including varied Hindu Gods, Christian icons, assorted demons and miscellaneous characters from mythology, as well as a number of Buddha figures. Indisputably eccentric, his creation of Salakeoku includes many devotional statues, the surreal and improbable, and not slightly humour (word the picture of a loving couple of skeletons – the strings tied to their wrists jokingly symbolise the Thai customized which expresses a wish for good well being and fortune!)

Sadly I have not but been ready to know the significance of each and every statue (if indeed all of them have a recognised significance). Any help could be appreciated.

This extraordinary park is effectively value a go to if travelling by way of this region, as it is a bizarre and quirky museum and exhibition. It’s not handled as a sacred place, so there is a lack of formality connected to these statues. Somewhat, it is a vacationer attraction with refreshments, ornamental fish ponds and souvenir outlets. By the way for anybody who needs to learn extra about this place, and searches for it on the internet, it has been translated into English beneath many different spellings, including ‘Sala Keow Ku’, ‘Sala Keo Koo’ and ‘Salakaewkoo.’

Click thumbnail to view full-size Phu Thok
Further east in Bueng Kan Province and a mere 12 miles from the Laos border is a sandstone hill referred to as Phu Thok. At the bottom of the hill in landscaped grounds is a Buddhist pagoda referred to as Chetiya Khiri Wihan which was built in 1968. The pagoda is just one a part of a temple advanced which stretches up the facet of the hill. Climbing to the highest of Phu Thok to locations of meditation was symbolic of a path to virtue for the monks who lived right here. And soon after the opening of the temple, a steep pathway and steps have been constructed for the monks to allow them to make this climb.

Right now tourists can use this path to climb the hill and go to the temple shrines, but additionally for nice panoramic views of the encompassing countryside. As could be seen in the picture which accompanies this part, the wooden planked footpath / bridge to the top of the 600 ft (200 m) high Phu Thok isn’t for the faint-hearted, held in place as it is by timber struts over a vertical drop. But it has been there for about forty years so I assume it’s safe. The stroll is not too tiring if you take it slowly, and there are relaxation stops along the way in which.

Click thumbnail to view full-measurement The Waterfall of Seven Colours
Waterfalls are a common sight in a land the place the upland regions present the mandatory hilly landscapes for quite a few cascades, and the rainy season brings torrential downpours. Bueng Kan Province is the setting for what certainly should be probably the most romantically and beautifully named waterfalls to be found wherever on this planet – it is named Namtok Chet Si, but in English it is named ‘The Waterfall of Seven Colours’, christened for the seven rainbow colours within the spray when seen in opposition to the sunlight.

Through the dry season this waterfall might be tremendously decreased in power, but when rain is plentiful and the movement is forceful, day trippers will flock to the positioning, and bathe within the spray proper at the very base of the falls. There are also quite a few swimming pools and minor rapids here, and for probably the most half it is protected even for little children provided they’re supervised. There have been fatalities here – one in the year once i visited – and the rocks might be very slippery. However with sense and care, the falls might be great fun.

The waterfall is a popular attraction for local Thais who take pleasure in bathing right here when the day is scorching (and there’s lots of sizzling days in Thailand). But it surely should even be on the agenda for any international tourists visiting the region. Situated very close to Phu Thok, the Waterfall of Seven Colours makes an ideal place to relax and cool off after climbing that hill !

Click thumbnail to view full-size Buddhist Temples
Transient mention should also be made of another essential buildings and sites which aren’t unique to North Eastern Thailand, but which may be found within the cities, towns and villages and the countryside across the nation. These are the temples and religious iconography of Buddhism. Many of the villages in Thailand have their very own little temples, and plenty of of those are engaging, vibrant and ornate, and well worth a visit. In addition they make great photographic topics, both in the whole and in the element.

The temple shown within the photographs right here is simply a type of to be present in North Eastern Thailand. It happened to be the closest temple to the village of Nanokhong in Udon Thani Province the place I lived for a number of weeks as the visitor of a Thai family, and that’s the reason why it is featured here. (See A Westerner in a Thai Village)

Buddhist Statues
Statues of Buddha are, as one would count on in a predominantly Buddhist nation, to be present in temples and religious websites across Thailand. But they’re additionally to be discovered on hilltops, presumably as a source of inspiration or consolation which might be seen for miles and miles around. This massive statue could simply be visited as a winding street leads to the highest of the hill the place it stands. Up close, it’s an imposing sight.

Sadly, I am not certain of the precise location of this statue, which I got here across whilst driving by the land, and that i’ve not been capable of finding images of this particular Buddha to identify it additional, but there are various comparable statues to be seen across Thailand.

Conclusions and recommendations
North Eastern Thailand is a area of the nation comparatively little identified to most Westerners. Indeed some of the attractions shown on this web page are even tough to find on the internet as little has been written about them. However, I hope I’ve shown on this web page that for anyone passing via this a part of the world, there is a diverse range of locations to go to and experiences to take pleasure in, from the aesthetic appeals of the Queen’s Arboretum and the hill at Phu Thok, to the ancient and intriguing sites of Ban Chiang and Phu Phrabat. The religious splendour of Buddhist temples and statues, the extraordinarily historical-wanting, but fashionable statues of Salakeoku and the natural delights of the Waterfall of Seven Colours, are just some of the many websites and sights of North Japanese Thailand which deserve to be better known.

Map of North East Thailand and Southern Laos
present route and directionshide route and directionsShow driving directionswalking directionsbicycling directions with distances in mileskilometers

Ban Chiang – Ban Chiang, Nong Han, Udon Thani, Thailand get instructions
Queen Sirikit’s 60th Anniversary Arboretum – Nong Saeng, Udon Thani, Thailand get instructions

Udon Thani Museum – Muang Udon Thani Museum, Posri Rd, Mak Khaeng, Mueang Udon Thani, Udon Thani 41000, Thailand get directions

Phu Phrabat – Phu Phrabat Bua Bok Forest Park, Mueang Phan, Ban Phue, Udon Thani 41160, Thailand get directions

Salakeoku Statue Park – Sala Kaeo Ku, Wat That, Mueang Nong Khai, Nong Khai 43000, Thailand get directions

Phu Thok – Phu Thok, Na Saeng, Si Wilai, Bueng Kan 43210, Thailand get instructions
The Waterfall of Seven Colours (Namtok Chet Si) – Ban Tong, Seka, Bueng Kan 43150, Thailand get directions

Buddhist Temple – Ban Nanokhong, Phibun Rak, Udon Thani, Thailand get instructions
{“lat”:17.76531,”lng”:103.18293,”zoom”:8,”mapType”:”TERRAIN”,”markers”:[{“id”:23849,”lat”:”17.358339″,”lng”:”103.217201″,”identify”:”Ban Chiang”,”tackle”:”Ban Chiang, Nong Han, Udon Thani, Thailand”,”description”:””},{“id”:23828,”lat”:”17.167500″,”lng”:”102.780556″,”identify”:”Queen Sirikit’s 60th Anniversary Arboretum”,”handle”:”Nong Saeng, Udon Thani, Thailand”,”description”:””},{“id”:23861,”lat”:”17.411737″,”lng”:”102.781502″,”identify”:”Udon Thani Museum”,”deal with”:”Muang Udon Thani Museum, Posri Rd, Mak Khaeng, Mueang Udon Thani, Udon Thani 41000, Thailand”,”description”:””},{“id”:23827,”lat”:”17.715792″,”lng”:”102.374283″,”title”:”Phu Phrabat”,”address”:”Phu Phrabat Bua Bok Forest Park, Mueang Phan, Ban Phue, Udon Thani 41160, Thailand”,”description”:””},{“id”:23829,”lat”:”17.887569″,”lng”:”102.781120″,”title”:”Salakeoku Statue Park”,”handle”:”Sala Kaeo Ku, Wat That, Mueang Nong Khai, Nong Khai 43000, Thailand”,”description”:””},{“id”:23883,”lat”:”18.131582″,”lng”:”103.882370″,”name”:”Phu Thok”,”tackle”:”Phu Thok, Na Saeng, Si Wilai, Bueng Kan 43210, Thailand”,”description”:””},{“id”:23884,”lat”:”18.121653″,”lng”:”103.931152″,”identify”:”The Waterfall of Seven Colours (Namtok Chet Si)”,”tackle”:”Ban Tong, Seka, Bueng Kan 43150, Thailand”,”description”:””},{“id”:23894,”lat”:”17.549168″,”lng”:”103…

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sendingAuthorGreensleeves Hubs four years in the past from Essex, UK
Dazzie; thanks a lot on your go to and your remark, which I admire very a lot. I hope that the web page does help travellers to or by means of the north east of Thailand, to enjoy their visit with some really rewarding sights and experiences. Alun.

Dazzie 4 years ago from Pattaya
Excellent information to North-east Thailand, you included some really beautiful locations, very helpful for tourists.

AuthorGreensleeves Hubs four years in the past from Essex, UK
Alfred thank you very much. Many of the points of interest of North Eastern Thailand usually are not well known to Europeans because the area is not a serious tourist centre, and the places value visiting aren’t heavily marketed. It’s a disgrace because there is plenty of curiosity here, no matter one’s taste. Cheers Alun.

Alfred Hoeld four years in the past
I live in Udon Thani province and didn’t know most of the info you present here, in your Hub pages. Very well accomplished.

Botanic gardens, south of Udon Thani city, = “The Queen’s Arboretum”
did not know that, have to cease there next time!

Staying near “Ban Chiang” , I visited that premises, a bit to many stones for me. 😉
-Phu Thok- I can suggest, impressive walk, I couldn’t end it, but I had my small son to carry, as an excuse. 😉

The waterfall not far, -Namtok Chet Si- I missed!
Should have informed myself higher!

Cheers Alfred
cherriquinn, thanks so much on your lovely feedback about this page. I’m very grateful, and especially pleased if the web page brought again completely satisfied reminiscences for you. Though I’ve visited many components of Thailand, I’ve not yet been to the north west, Chang Mai or Chang Rai. Maybe on my next visit!

cherriquinn 5 years in the past from UK. England. Newcastle upon Tyne
Implausible hub! It introduced again so many nice recollections of my go to to Thailand in 1999!I’ve photographs of myself in some of the precise spots you’ve proven.I stayed in Bancok for 3 nghts and then went onto the north Chang Mai and Chang Rai.We have been fortunate enough to get to The Golden Triangle and went onto the border of Burma (and naturally obtained our passports stamped there!)We then visited Phuket and likewise a most exotic island called Coral Island. A incredible expertise and wonderful people! you’ve got brought such good recollections back. Thankyou.

Thanks rather a lot bethperry for your go to, and appreciative comments. Glad you like the photos too.
The historic significance of the rock formations at Phu Phrabat have been recognised by UNESCO listing them as a World Heritage Site. Sadly I have never been able to find out exactly how far the stones were transported during the Ice Age, however no matter the space, it really reveals the facility of a glacier that it may well push rocks of this measurement round.

Yours, Alun.
Beth Perry 5 years in the past from Tennesee

Greensleeves, whoa! What lovely pictures, and such fascinating topics. I am particularly captivated by the massive stones. They look to have traveled a mighty lengthy strategy to their remaining resting cease!

I like the attractive temples, too!
Alun, Great! I look ahead to a different conveniently organized, gorgeously illustrated and thoughtfully written hub.

Respectfully, and with best needs always,
Derdriu – thanks a lot for these form and generous comments. There are indeed fairly a number of unusual and appealing, but little known, sights on this part of Thailand. Possibly if I return there someday, I will have the ability to see some extra.

I am glad you liked the pictures of the Buddha. I did too, which is partly why I chose one to function proper at the tip of the article. The Buddha is actually off-white in color, however the mix of directional sunlight and reflection of the blue sky from the white platform on which it stands, implies that at the right instances of day the statue can current a bluish side which subtly blends with the colour of the sky. I appreciate your attractive and thoughtful description of the Buddha photos.

Speaking of the arboretum, I hope to have a hub revealed in the next two weeks which is able to tie in with your individual specialist interests.

Thanks once more. Alun.
Derdriu 5 years ago

Alun, What an entrancing, fascinating, riveting journey by way of northeastern Thailand you offer readers! Your photographs are lovely, colorful, diligent masterpieces of artwork and culture. Specifically, I like the best way that your pictures of the sunshine-colored Buddha both contrast and merge with the clear blue skies: it’s such a buddhistic union of the opposites of air and rock, ethereal and substantial, material and spiritual. You really capture the appeal of the area for residents and to guests. Particularly enticing to me are the arboretum and the waterfall.

Your tour offers itinerary for the clueless, knowledge to the inquisitive, motivation for the traveler, and fervour for these creative and artistic in addition to those who admire art and creativity.

Thanks for sharing your flowing language and glorious photographs, voted up + all,

Thank you kikalina for visiting and commenting.It is a pleasant nation to visit is not it Actually glad you want my footage. Cheers.

kikalina 5 years ago from Europe
Jogs my memory of my journey to Thailand. Nice pics!

AuthorGreensleeves Hubs 5 years in the past from Essex, UK
I thanks in your comment sabrani44.

I see you will have solely lately joined HubPages, so I wish you effectively on the location.
sabrani44 5 years in the past

Good, hub thanks for the information.

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