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Episode 1: Stone Island

Stone Island has at all times been in style amongst many, from the Paninaro youth tradition within the 80s to football enthusiasts, and extra just lately the Grime and Rap scene with the likes of Drake and Travis Scott. But, regardless of who’s buying Stone Island, one thing that appears inevitable is the hundreds of fakes plastered over the internet. I’ve put collectively this information in the hope you can learn a thing or two on spotting fakes. Additionally, to hopefully cease anyone from being bumped relating stone island denim to purchasing Stone Island.

Going to strive keep this short and sweet (as much as I can).

To some, this could appear frequent sense, but if it is too good to be true price sensible, then you may be 99.9% certain that it will likely be a fake. Don’t get me fallacious you’ll be able to grab a bargain, but Stone Island is expensive, particularly new items so just be wary. There are a ton of moody sites out there selling Stone Island at stupidly low prices, I’ve popped an instance beneath. Avoid these form of websites just like the plague.

All Stone Island gadgets should have an art quantity on the wash label, except it’s a correct vintage piece (before 1986) then, in that case, it might not. One important factor to remember, is that the majority of fakes can have 222 at the end of the art quantity.

Tag instance (1) – Artwork no. 49151504/251
Tag example (2) – Art no. 28154X44/four

How it works:
The first two numbers let you already know the yr and season when the item was made.

Even numbers = Spring/Summer season range
Odd numbers = Autumn/Winter range

Artwork No.




54/fifty five



forty two/forty three

fifty six/57



forty four/45

58/fifty nine



forty six/forty seven




forty eight/49

sixty two/63







52/fifty three

sixty six/67

In instance (1), the 2 numbers are 49, meaning it’s an Autumn/Winter merchandise from 2008. Then for instance (2), the two numbers are 28 meaning it is an Spring/summer time item from 1998.

The following two number present you the brand they come below:
Genuine Mens Stone Island Hoodie Light GreyThirteen – CP below 16

14 – Stone Island Denim
15 – Stone Island

sixteen – Stone Island Junior
18 – CP Firm

20 – CP Donna
In each circumstances, you may see on the labels, 15, which means it’s Stone Island

The fifth quantity reveals the kind of item:
0 – Leather

1 – Shirts
2 – T-Shirts

four – Shoulder Pieces
5 – Knitwear

6 – Sweatshirts
7 – Lengthy Coats

8 – Suit
9 – Luggage/Hats/Accessories

A – Jacket/Blazer
B – Swimming Trunks

G – Waistcoat
L – Bermuda Shorts

M – Jacket
S – Shoes

In this case, the instance (1) has the #1, which means it is a shirt. And instance (2) has the quantity 4, that means it’s a shoulder piece.

The last four numbers confer with the producer, materials, dying and remedy processes.
Buttons & Zips

The buttons ought to all the time have Stone Island printed round them unless it’s a very previous piece. The centre should be a cross, not 4 holes which you see on a number of fakes. However, certain jackets don’t apply to this rule.

An example of real buttons
The zips will always be manufactured by a good brand akin to YKK or Lampo or feature the brands name and logo printed on them. Nevertheless, this is not always the case, however when trying at the zips, you will want to see in the event that they look and feel of the next high quality as they are made to last, so will never be flimsy.

Arm Patch/ Badge
This may generally confuse people, as some replicas may have real badges, and some real objects might have ended up with a fake badge on them (Second-hand gear). But you want to verify for drop stitching near the buttons, that’s one large giveaway. Additionally 9 instances out of 10, a fake badge will look off color wise, look out of proportion, stitching off, and like card, it looks that onerous. Remember to needless to say there are numerous types of badges, for instance, green edge badges (Vintage badges), the usual badge, Ice badges and so on.

Faux buttons & Badge Instance – 4 holed buttons, stiff batches, colours off, and no drop stitch close to the button holes

Actual buttons & Badge Example – cross buttons, drop stitch on the button holes, stitching is fine (that is an example of a used merchandise)

An instance of real buttons & a vintage inexperienced edge badge
Another example of a vintage green edge badge (entrance shot)

An instance of a vintage Stone Island badge (back shot)
An example of a fake trendy badge

There are also a few different badges that you do not see as often that are value noting. Listed below are a few examples of the true versions.

High left – 30th anniversary Tela Stella jacket badge. Backside left – Ghost badge, you may additionally see these in several colours. High right – Seen on Stone Island ice items. Bottom proper – mesh Stone Island badge seen on a mixture of items.

Some laughable examples of Stone Island fakes
And a private favourite… (By the way, items won’t ever have a double badge)

The last thing to touch on is to do with more moderen Stone Island items. For the reason that Spring/Summer season 2014 collection, Stone Island has used Certilogo. This allows folks to test the authenticity of their Stone Island item using the 12 digit code, or scanning the QR code with their phone. These will at all times be found on the safety labels inside the item. See an example below.

Right, that’s the top, hope that every one helped and also you now know how to spot that Clone Island. Thanks for reading, this is only Episode 1 by the way, I can be writing these on many other manufacturers such as Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren, etc.