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The Soft Rock With Unbelievable Heat Properties!

Soapstone: A metamorphic rock that consists primarily of talc with various amounts of different minerals such as micas, chlorite, amphiboles, pyroxenes, and carbonates. It’s a mushy, dense, heat-resistant rock that has a excessive specific heat capability. These properties make it useful for a large number of architectural, sensible, and artistic uses.

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Some Soapstone History

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Individuals have quarried soapstone for thousands of years. Native People in japanese North America used the tender rock to make bowls, cooking slabs, smoking pipes, and ornaments as early as the Late Archaic Period (3000 to 5000 years in the past). [1] Native Americans on the west coast stone island coat review traveled in canoes from the mainland to San Clemente Island (60 miles offshore!) to obtain soapstone for cooking bowls and effigy carving as early as 8000 years in the past. [2]

The people of Scandinavia began utilizing soapstone in the course of the Stone Age, and it helped them enter the Bronze Age once they found that it could possibly be simply carved into molds for casting steel objects corresponding to knife blades and spearheads. They were among the primary to find the power of soapstone to absorb heat and radiate it slowly. That discovery impressed them to make soapstone cooking pots, bowls, cooking slabs, and hearth liners.

All through the world, in areas where the soapstone is exposed at the surface, it was one among the first rocks to be quarried. Soapstone’s special properties continue to make it the “material of choice” for a large number of uses.