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Connecting Heaven And Earth

Sitting on the bottom in the middle of the woods feeling foolish, I turned. I expected nothing extraordinary. I was never one who had visions. But I turned and regarded. And i regarded up . . and up . . and up. There, looming over me with glittering eyes was a coiled snake. The flickering tongue was fifteen feet over my head. I felt no sense of menace. This was a pleasant snake not directly, although hardly tame or secure.

The medication man had said he worked with the tradition of the Incas, the Children of the Sun. He had spoken of how often we within the Western world are afraid of our power, and run from it. “You might,” he mentioned, “turn and face your power. It has been chasing you, eager to be acknowledged; desirous to work with you. Claim it!”

We had been informed to find a stick and, using bits and items of things we discovered in the woods, decorate it in honor of our energy. There was a fireplace. I already knew a couple of ways to make a sacred hearth, but this one was fairly completely different. Greater than 100 of
us who had been attending the Medicine Wheel were chanting and shaking our rattles. The vitality built – I might really feel that. Lastly the fire was ready. We approached the hearth one after the other from the 4 instructions, in lines stretching back towards the woods. Each certainly one of us had somebody behind, guarding our back. He mentioned we do not do that work alone. I put my stick within the fire, drawing the energy of the fire into my stomach, my heart and my third eye.

After the hearth, we melted into the woods, every on our own path, our own reunion with our energy.
Power had been a dilemma in my life for some time. Within the early 80’s, my first trainer had informed me that I used to be very powerful. She went even farther, to inform me that “Everyone within the room attunes to the most highly effective drive in the room, so that you need to be very careful.” As a consequence, I ran from my own energy, even greater than I had been already. A number of years later, I started to feel an undeniable urge stone island badge fake vs real to get a drum. This was not one thing I would have chosen, and in fact I was irritated. How would I play it I had no thought even where to start out. This was, nonetheless, a compulsion, so I went to the only retailer I knew that might have what I needed. There have been lots of drums from all all over the world. Not one in all them spoke to me.

Just a few months later, I attended a gathering of several hundred like-minded individuals. One lady led a circle dance with a hundred of us. Skillful drummers performed a fantastic mother-drum for us, and at the tip of the dance, she had them carry it out into the middle of the room. She pointed and mentioned, “Everyone in the room attunes to essentially the most powerful drive within the room; get a drum.”

You possibly can imagine how that resonated in my heart and soul. “Oh, that’s why!” I quickly discovered that one of many leaders at this gathering knew learn how to make drums. Earlier than long, I used to be in a workshop making my very own drum. The drum actually began to teach me about energy, about prayer, and about connection. It is a thread that has continued to weave its method by means of my life and my spiritual path.

Earlier at the present time I had prayed to have the ability to “see.” Now, here I used to be, sitting in the course of dark woods, having just seen my power. And it was big – totally different from anything I’d have imagined. What might I do now I wish I could inform you that I requested my energy the questions I was carrying, however I did not. Nor did I invite her to come back into my being and assist me with my path. How foolish I was – I instructed myself I had not likely seen her. She was a figment of my imagination. There! Downside solved.

However, this was my introduction to the sacred tradition of the Incas, which has turn into the guts of my life and of my soul. A number of years later I met Dr. Mary Blankenship, who became my instructor and mentor and who taught me to heal myself. As I finally devoted myself to be taught and develop on this tradition, I discovered that the great serpent I had seen was one of many central archetypes of the Incan tradition: Amaru, the nice serpent.

My lineage is thru Don Manuel, from the Q’ero village in the very high Andes, one of the descendants of the Incas. In their language, Quechua, the breath known as “wayra,” and is sacred. They don’t exactly sing – their prayers are the songs of the breath. Additionally they use Florida Water, the “breath” of the flowers. And love is the middle, the center if you’ll, of the tradition and of the drugs physique. They call it “munay.”

The mountain folks work with stones wrapped in a cloth to make a portable altar known as a “mesa.” As a substitute of seven chakras, this Incan tradition works primarily with three centers: the belly, yankay; the guts, munay; and the top, yachay.

Mary was simply planning to take her first group of students to Peru as I was starting my initial research along with her. I knew I needed to go along with them, though at the time I didn’t know why. I believed it was because I had lengthy had a compulsion to see Macchu Picchu. That was certainly part of the explanation for my journey to the Andes.

Once we truly arrived in Cuzco, I felt overwhelmed with coloration, altering foreign money, avenue vendors and numerous types of hubbub. I couldn’t breathe. Cuzco is at 11,000 toes above my sea degree residence.

Crucial learning this journey held for me was remodeling my anger. After five days in Peru, I used to be virtually violently indignant. I believed I knew why. In fact I did not have even the primary clue. What I skilled was largely confusion and muddle. It was the third and final day we can be at Macchu Picchu, and we were given the task of doing our personal work. As considered one of our native medication teachers informed us, there is a lot of assist at Macchu Picchu. Spirit is beautifully and wildly current.

As I sat doing my work, it became clear that I needed to provide away two of the stone island badge fake vs real stones from my very own mesa. It was very difficult for me – I used to be hooked up to those stones. At that point I didn’t yet notice that as a drugs individual on this tradition, as I develop and be taught, my mesa also grows and shifts and modifications. It was not unusual, notably in such a journey of the soul as we have been making, for me to make large shifts in consciousness, and due to this fact in my mesa. All of us did.

I put aside the two stones in a separate bag, and continued with the journey. It was a number of days earlier than I saw the individual to whom I had been advised to offer the stones. He took them and went on together with his day.

All of us boarded a boat on Lake Titicaca, bound for an island where we might do ceremony and keep overnight. The subsequent morning I took my bag out to the boat tied up at the pier and walked back to the seaside. I noticed two of the men of our group; one in every of them had two stones I had given him. As I stepped onto the seashore, he got here to me and put a stone in my hand and gave me a giant hug. Then the other man gave me a stone and hugged me.

I used to be overwhelmed with love and gratitude. These stones had been so much more highly effective than I could have imagined. They were basalt – lava cooled in Lake Titicaca after which struck by lightning. For the folks of the mountains of Peru, these are medication of the highest order. I treasured them, and nonetheless have certainly one of them.

My mesa has grown and shifted and changed over the past decade. I’m less in awe of anybody, and love has stuffed and healed my heart. I’m endlessly grateful for my journey out of time within the mountains of Peru.