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Largest Earthquakes Within the US

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This earthquake brought on 77 deaths. Wooden homes were knocked off their foundations in the Keiawa, Punaluu, and Ninole areas and straw homes had been torn to shreds. At Kau, the houses and stone walls have been thrown down. At Waiohinu, a big stone church collapsed inside 10 seconds of the onset of shaking. Floor waves as a lot as 0.6 meters from ground to crest have been noticed at Kohala. The motion was so violent at Ulupalakua that it was troublesome for individuals to stand.

Floor fissures prolonged from Pahala to Kilauea. A fissure about 5 kilometers long was reported at Kohuku resulting in a volcanic eruption from that fissure a number of days later, on April 7 1868. A mass of earth of three kilometers large and 9 meters thick swept down the hillside at Kapapala, carrying with it bushes, animals, and folks and thirty-one folks have been killed. Alongside the Puna coast from Kapoho to Apua, the land subsided in locations as a lot as 2 meters. At Kaimu, timber stood about 2.5 meters deep in sand and water. The plain at Kalapana sank about 2 meters, and water stood as a lot as 1.5 meters deep over eight hectares dry land. Additionally a tsunami struck the Kau-Puna coast including to the devastation at Honuapo, Keauhou, and Punaluu. At Keauhou the water rose 12-15 meters, destroying all of the houses and warehouses and drowning 46 individuals. At Hilo, the peak of the wave was about 3 meters, and at Kealakekua, 2 meters. The tsunami also was observed on Maui and Oahu. Also felt on Lanai, Maui, Oahu, and Kauai.

12. Kodiak Island, Alaska
Date: Oct. 9, 1900
Time: 12:25 UTC

The wharf at WoodyIsland was partly destroyed and also chimneys, home windows, and crockery had been destroyed in Kodiak. About 50 slight aftershocks continued by means of the following day. The quake was felt alongside all of southern Alaska and possibly to the west of Kodiak.

Thirteen. Gulf of Alaska
Date: Nov. 30, 1987
Time: 19:23:19.5 UTC

This earthquake caused injury at Yakutat, northwest of Juneau resulting in broken glassware and cracks in plaster, drywall, home windows, and a foundation. Light damage occurred at several different towns. There were additionally cracks in wet floor at Yakutat. Constructing vibrations had been so strong that it was difficult to stand or walk. Two ships in the epicentral area have been broken, and three others in the realm felt the shaking strongly. A small tsunami was recorded at Seward, Sitka, and Yakutat. This earthquake had the biggest magnitude of any occasion within the area since that on October 9, 1900.

Click thumbnail to view full-size 14. Central Alaska
Date: Nov. 3, 2002
Time: Thirteen:12 UTC

Magnitude: 7.9
This main earthquake struck seventy five miles south of Fairbanks, Alaska. Roads had been cracked, pipeline assist mechanisms had been damaged (designed to sustain a eight.5 magnitude quake) and there have been mudslides. The quake was felt throughout the state of Alaska. Two main highways have been closed as a result of cracks brought on by the quake. The epicentre was three miles beneath the earth’s surface making the quake more severe. Folks felt the quake for nearly 5 minutes with many aftershocks and issues falling off the shelves.

Click thumbnail to view full-size 15. Owens Valley, California
Date: March 26, 1872
Time: 10:30 UTC

Fatalities: 27
Property loss: $250,000

The earthquake occurred at Lone Pine, the place 52 of fifty nine houses were destroyed and 27 individuals were killed. A couple of fatalities also have been reported in different components of OwensValley. The main buildings were thrown down InyoCounty. At Indian Wells, adobe homes experienced cracks. Property loss has been estimated at $250,000. The shock was felt over most of California and far or Nevada. Hundreds of aftershocks occurred, some severe.

Sixteen. Imperial Valley, California
Date: Feb. 24, 1892
Time: 07:20 UTC

This quake destroyed all adobe buildings in previous Carrizo station in San DiegoCounty and in addition chimneys and plaster were broken. In ParadiseValley, a church and schoolhouse constructed on stilts were knocked down and demolished. Floor fissures were reported at McCainValley and JewelValley; rockslides were noticed between Campo and Carrizo and at Dulzura and JewelValley.

About 155 tremors have been felt at Campo through the 12 hours following the principle shock, and aftershocks continued there each few days into April 1892. Observers reported that 135 aftershocks were felt as far away as National City, on San DiegoBay and likewise alongside the coast to Santa Barbara, east to Yuma, Arizona, and south to San Quintin, Baja California. The tremor was additionally felt at Visalia, TulareCounty, about 700 kilometers north of San Quintin.

17. Rat Island, Alaska
Date: Nov. 17, 2003
Time: 06:43 UTC

Magnitude: 7.Eight
This earthquake occurred within the Rat Islands area of the Aleutian Islands and was situated 95 kilometers south-southwest of Amchitka. This earthquake is the largest to happen in North America because the magnitude 7.9 Denali Fault, Alaska earthquake of November 3, 2002, and the most important within the Aleutian Islands for the reason that June 1996 magnitude 7.9 Adak earthquake. There have been 182 aftershocks in 17.5 hours of the main shock. The biggest aftershock occurred at 7:50 UTC, eleven/18 and had a magnitude of 5.7. The primary shock generated a small tsunami of about 50 cm at Shemya and 12 cm at Adak. This quake occurred on the convergent boundary between the subducting Pacific and overriding North American crustal plates. Over one hundred earthquakes of magnitude seven or bigger have occurred along this boundary in the past hundred years.The 1965, 8.7 magnitude Rat Islands earthquake ruptured an roughly 600 km-lengthy portion of the plate boundary.

Click thumbnail to view full-size 18. New Madrid, Missouri area
Date: Dec. 16, 1811
Fatalities: not recognized precisely

This quake shook the four hundred residents of new Madrid, Missouri, out of their beds at two in the morning. Enormous cracks cut up the bottom. The waters of the Mississippi rose and fell like a fantastic tide. Giant waves rose up and swept north, giving the impression that the river was really flowing backwards. Boats alongside the river were engulfed, capsized, and their crews drowned.

Outdated river channels slammed shut and new ones opened, altering the course of the stream eternally. One large lake had its water immediately changed by sand. One other lake, Reelfoot, was created in a matter of moments. Trees toppled or have been drowned when the land sank immediately beneath them. Log cabins scattered like match sticks in New Madrid however, luckily, just one person was killed by falling debris.

Harm was reported as far east as Charleston, South Carolina and Washington, DC. In Boston, Massachusetts, 1,000 miles away, church bells were made to ring. The effects of the quake had been felt as far south as New Orleans and as far north as Canada.

There was a second shock hours later. A 3rd quake rocked the area on January 23 and a fourth the most important of all was felt on February 7. Between the most important quakes, there were thousands of aftershocks.

Click thumbnail to view full-dimension 19. San Francisco, California
Date: April 18, 1906

Time: Thirteen:12:21 UTC
Fatalities: estimated three,000 deaths

Property loss: $524 million
This earthquake is probably the most devastating within the historical past of California resulting in fires causing an estimated three,000 deaths and $524 million in property loss. Duration of the shaking in San Francisco was about 1 minute. The earthquake broken buildings and buildings in all components of the city and county of San Francisco. Most chimneys toppled or were badly broken. Brick and body homes of odd construction were broken extensively or destroyed; sewers and water mains have been damaged; and streetcar tracks had been bent into wavelike forms.

On or close to the San Andreas fault, buildings had been destroyed and trees have been knocked to the bottom. The floor of the ground was torn and heaved into furrow-like ridges. One pipeline that carried water from SanAndreasLake to San Francisco was damaged, shutting off the water provide to town. The fires that ignited soon after the onset of the earthquake quickly raged through the city due to the lack of water to manage them. They destroyed a big part of San Francisco and increased the loss at FortBragg and Santa Rosa.

Timber swayed violently, and a few were damaged off above the bottom or thrown down. The water in springs and artesian wells either increased or decreased its movement. A number of sand craterlets formed in areas the place water was ejected through cracks or fissures. A number of foreshocks most likely occurred, and lots of aftershocks had been reported, a few of which were extreme.

To read in additional detail about this earthquake, please follow the link beneath:
The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

20. Pleasant Valley, Nevada
Date: Oct. 3, 1915
Time: 06:52:Forty eight.Zero UTC

Magnitude: 7.7
This earthquake occurred alongside a fault on the japanese aspect of Pleasant Valley, Nevada. The epicentral region was virtually uninhabited, and, due to this fact, property damage was lower than might need been anticipated. At Kennedy, two adobe houses were destroyed, mine tunnels collapsed, and concrete mine foundations had been cracked. At Winnemucca, adobe buildings usually had been damaged, and several multistory brick buildings misplaced their coping and components of higher partitions; many chimneys had been demolished above the rooflines. As well as, water tanks have been thrown down at BattleMountain, Kodiak, Lovelock, and Parran. Harm occurred on a number of ranches on the southern finish of PleasantValley: and adobe home was shaken down; a masonry rooster house and a hog pen had been destroyed; and homes were displaced from their foundations.

This earthquake prompted a large enhance and lower within the stream of springs and streams all through northern Nevada. The quake was felt from the State of Oregon to southern California and from the Pacific coast to beyond Salt Lake Metropolis, Utah. Two foreshocks and lots of aftershocks occurred.

21. New Madrid, Missouri
Date: Jan. 23, 1812

Time: 15:00 UTC

This quake had a magnitude of 7.6 and the Mississippi River valley was convulsed so severe that it awakened folks in cities as distant at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Norfolk, Virginia. Intermittent strong shaking continued by way of March 1812 and aftershocks strong sufficient to be felt occurred by means of the 12 months 1817. In the Mississippi and Ohio River valleys the earthquakes did rather more destruction. ReelfootLake, within the northwest nook of Tennessee, stands at this time as proof of the might of these nice earthquakes. Stumps of timber killed by the sudden submergence of the bottom can still be seen in ReelfootLake.

Uplift of over three meters was reported at one locality several hundred kilometers to the southwest of the epicentral zone the place a lake formed by the St. Francis River had its water replaced by sand. Numerous useless fish were found in the previous lake backside. Giant fissures were formed in the mushy alluvial ground. The earthquake made rich prairie land unfit for farming due to deep fissures, land subsidence which converted good fields to swamps, and numerous sand blows which lined the bottom with sand and mud.

Complete islands disappeared, banks caved into the rivers, and fissures opened and closed within the river beds. Water spouting from these fissures produced massive waves in the river. New sections of river channel were formed and previous channels lower off. Many boats had been capsized and an unknown number of individuals had been drowned.

Chimneys were thrown down in Louisville, Kentucky, about 400 kilometers from the epicentral area, and were damaged at distances of 600 kilometers. The quake prolonged south to the gulf coast, southeast to the Atlantic coast, and northeast to Quebec, Canada.

Click on thumbnail to view full-dimension 22. Landers, California
Date: June 28, 1992
Time: Eleven:57:34 UTC

Fatalities: 3
Property loss: 92 million US dollars

Magnitude: 7.6
This quake cause one individual to be killed at YuccaValley, and two individuals died of coronary heart attacks, greater than four hundred individuals have been injured and substantial damage occurred in the Landers, YuccaValley space. The quake was additionally felt all through southern California, southern Nevada, western Arizona and southern Utah, in high-rise buildings as far north as Boise, Idaho, and as far east as Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Denver, Colorado. Floor faulting noticed along a 70 kilometer section from Joshua Tree to near Barstow with as much as 5.5 meters of horizontal displacement and as a lot as 1.Eight meters of vertical displacement. Seiches have been reported as far north as Lake Union, Washington, and as far east as Aurora, Colorado, and Corpus Christi, Texas.

Click thumbnail to view full-measurement 23. Kern County, California
Date: July 21, 1952
Time: 11:Fifty two:14.Zero UTC

Fatalities: 12
Property loss: $60 million

Magnitude: 7.5
This earthquake was the largest within the United States since the San Francisco shock of 1906. It claimed 12 lives and prompted property damage estimated at $60 million. There, the earthquake cracked reinforced-concrete tunnels having partitions 46 centimeters thick at the Southern Pacific Railroad southeast of Bealville; it shortened the space between portals of two tunnels about 2.5 meters and bent the rails into S-formed curves. At OwensLake (about 160 kilometers from the epicenter), salt beds shifted, and brine lines were bent into S-shapes. Many floor ruptures were noticed along the decrease slopes of Bear Mountain, within the White Wolf fault zone. The somewhat flat, poorly consolidated alluvium within the valley was erratically cracked and recontoured. The cracking along Bear Mountain indicated that the mountain itself moved upward and to the north. Southwest of Arvin, on the San JoaquinValley floor, floor cracks traversed and spilt the concrete foundation on one house, inflicting partial collapse. East of Caliente, one massive crack, about 1.5 meter at its widest point and more than 60 centimeters deep, was noticed. At Tehachapi, Bakersfield, and Arvin, old and poorly constructed masonry and adobe buildings had been cracked, and some collapsed.

In Bakersfield cracks formed in lots of brick buildings, and older school buildings have been broken somewhat. The Kern GeneralHospital was damaged heavily. Water splashed from swimming swimming pools as far distant because the Los Angeles space, where injury to tall buildings was intensive. Water also splashed in strain tanks on tops of buildings in San Francisco. At the very least one constructing was broken in San Diego, and in Las Vegas, Nevada, a building under building required realignment of the structural steel.

The main shock was felt over most of California and in components of western Arizona and western Nevada. It was noticed at such distant factors as Stirling City, California, Phoenix, Arizona, and Gerlach, Nevada. The California Institute of Know-how at Pasadena recorded 188 aftershocks of magnitude 4.Zero and better via September 26, 1952; six aftershocks on July 21 have been of magnitude 5.Zero and better.

24. West of Lompoc, California
Date: Nov. 4, 1927
Time: Thirteen:50 UTC

The quake induced extreme harm to property in the areas west and north of Lompoc. Chimneys had been wrecked at a number of towns, together with Arroyo Grande, Berros, Guadalupe, Halcyon, Lompoc, Los Alamos, and Nipomo. On the Roberd’s ranch, an earthquake fountain created between 10 and 20 sand craters; lurches and cracks were noticed within the water-soaked soil. The Roberd ranch house was shifted on its basis about 5 centimeters, and small outbuildings had been pushed from their foundations. The partitions of a poorly constructed block constructing collapsed at White Hills. At Santa Maria and different towns in the realm, chimneys had been damaged, outdated brick partitions and inside partitions formed cracks, and cornices fell.

Near Surf, west of Lompoc, the Southern Pacific Railroad bridge was thrown out of alignment near its heart; a concrete freeway was cracked; and small rockslides and earthslides occurred. Cracks formed in the ground about 6.5 kilometers north of Arlight. Felt from Morgon Hill south to Redondo Seashore and from the coast east to Kernville. A tsunami was recorded on tide gages at San Francisco, La Jolla, San Diego, and Fort Point, and waves have been observed at Pismo, Port San Luis and Surf. Many aftershocks occurred.

25. Dixie Valley, Nevada
Date: Dec. Sixteen, 1954
Time: Eleven:07:11 UTC

The earthquake was accompanied by offsets alongside many faults in the 4 important zones of a north-trending belt 96 kilometers long by 32 kilometers broad. Minor geologic effects had been adjustments in the stream of springs and wells, formation of craters and water fountains, landslips and landslides, mudflows, and rockfalls.

The inhabitants was sparse in the epicentral region of this earthquake, and few man-made constructions existed. Injury to structures, therefore, was minor despite the geologic and seismographic proof of a serious earthquake.

Heavy furniture were displaced at Frenchman Station, about eleven kilometers west of major surface faulting, but injury to buildings was negligible. Differential settlement of about 10 centimeters that occurred under a wooden-frame retailer resulted in minor cracking of the constructing. Damage at Fallon, about 48 kilometers west of the nearest main floor break, was restricted to some toppled chimneys. A whole bunch of aftershocks occurred. The principle earthquake also was felt in Arizona, California, Idaho, Oregon, and Utah.

Click thumbnail to view full-size 26. Hebgen Lake, Montana
Date: stone island 41832 Aug. 18, 1959
Time: 06:37:13.5 UTC

Fatalities: 28
Property loss: $Eleven million

This earthquake prompted 28 fatalities and about $11 million in injury to highways and timber. It’s characterized by extensive fault scarps, subsidence and uplift, an enormous landslide, and a seiche in HebgenLake. The most disastrous impact of the earthquake was the large avalanche of rock, soil and trees that cascaded from the steep south wall of the Madison RiverCanyon. This slide formed a barrier that blocked the gorge and stopped the movement of the Madison River and, inside a few weeks, created a lake virtually 53 meters deep. The volume of fabric that blocked the Madison River beneath Hebgen Dam has been estimated at 28 – 33 million cubic meters. Most of the 28 deaths were brought on by rockslides that coated the Rock Creek public campground on the Madison River, about 9.5 kilometers under Hebgen Dam.

Many summer time houses within the HebgenLake space have been damaged: homes and cabins shifted off their foundations, chimneys fell, and pipelines broke. Freeway damage near HebgenLake was resulting from landslides slumping vertically and flowing laterally beneath pavements and bridges, which precipitated extreme cracks and destruction. Excessive intensities had been observed in the northwest section of YellowstoneNational Park. Here, new geysers erupted, and massive slumping brought about giant cracks in the ground from which steam emitted. Many scorching springs grew to become muddy.

Minor damages occurred throughout southern Montana, northeast Idaho, and northwest Wyoming and had been felt as far as Seattle, Washington, to the west; Banff, Canada, to the north; Dickinson, North Dakota, to the east; and Provo, Utah, to the south. Aftershocks continued for several months

Click thumbnail to view full-dimension 27. Borah Peak, Idaho
Date: Oct. 28, 1983
Time: 14:06:06.5 UTC

Fatalities: 2
Property loss: $12.5 million

The Borah Peak earthquake is the largest ever recorded in Idaho, both in terms of magnitude and in quantity of property damage. It induced two deaths in Challis, and an estimated $12.5 million in harm within the Challis-Mackay space. Extreme floor faulting was related to this earthquake, a 34 kilometer lengthy northwest trending zone of contemporary scarps and ground breakage on the southwest slope of the Misplaced River Vary. Essentially the most extensive breakage occurred along the 8-kilometer zone between West Spring and Cedar Creek. Right here, the bottom floor was shattered into randomly tilted blocks a number of meters in width. Other devastations include rockfalls and landslides on the steep slopes of the Lost River Vary, water fountains and sand boils close to the geologic feature of Chilly Buttes and the Mackay Reservoir, increase or decrease in flow of water in springs, and fluctuations in nicely water levels. A brief lake was formed by the rising water desk south of Dickey. The most extreme property injury occurred within the towns of Challis and Mackay, where 11 commercial buildings and 39 non-public houses sustained major injury and 200 homes sustained minor to average harm.

At Mackay, most of the commercial structures on Predominant Road were broken to some extent. Broken buildings were primarily of masonry development, together with brick, concrete block, or stone. About 90 percent of the residential chimneys had been cracked, twisted, or collapsed. At Challis, much less injury to buildings and chimneys was sustained, however two structures were broken extensively. Many aftershocks occurred by means of 1983. the quake was additionally felt in elements in Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, and in the Provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan, Canada.

28. West of Eureka, California
Date: Jan. 31, 1922
Time: Thirteen:17:22 UTC

Fatalities: unknown
Property loss: unknown

Magnitude: 7.3
Particulars of the incident:

This probably damaging earthquake was felt from Eugene, Oregon, to San Francisco
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They affect principally the areas that lie on or near the Pacific ring of fire

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Thank you Habee, to your feedback. I too dread earthquakes. have felt a mild one, which nearly stopped my heart. If nature goes wild, then yes, it is basically scary.

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