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The Witch’s Grave In Katy, TX

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The Witch’s Grave in Katy, TX
Updated on January 12, 2013 Joan Whetzel moreContact Creator By Joan Whetzel
By Joan Whetzel

At some point, whereas doing a seek for haunted graves and cemeteries, I ran across a few brief tales concerning the Witch’s Grave in my city – Katy, TX. Intrigued I learn the tales. They had been mainly the identical story, retold. Since then I have searched and searched to seek out the reality behind the story. A few of what I found seems to disprove the story. Other facets of the story couldn’t be proven a technique or the opposite. It nonetheless makes for an interesting story, though.

The Urban Legend of the Katy Witch’s Grave
The story reads, nearly word for phrase, like this one:

“There’s a cemetery in outdated town Katy that is over one hundred fifty years outdated the place a supposed witch is buried. On prime of her tombstone is an enormous stable granite/marble sphere weighing around 200 lbs. If you read the inscription on the tombstone and look away, while you look back the sphere would have fallen out of place. Some reports say they’ve seen the sphere float and glow earlier than it falls to the bottom. Katy police have eliminated the sphere in hopes to keep youngsters away. It is usually rumored for those who read the inscription you should have bad luck the remainder of your life.” (Forgotten USA. Katy – Witch’s Grave)

Historical past of Katy, TX
The world that’s now Katy, Texas – once part of the searching grounds (buffalo and migrattory birds) for the Karankawa Indian tribes. The earliest white settlers moved to the world, which they named Cane Island Creek in 1872. However, in 1895, a brand new city platted, named Katy, supposedly after the M-K-T railroad that ran via it. The city soon turned a rice farming hub. {If you are you looking for|Here’s|If you’re ready to find out|Here is|For} more information regarding Stone have a look at our own web site. There are still a number of rice farms in the area, and a rice drying and grain elevator firm in town, and the city has been holding a Rice Harvest Festival every October since the 1970s.

Nicely, because the Legend of the Witch’s Grave says the grave is in a cemetery that is over a hundred and fifty years previous, it automatically disproves itself. The city of Katy has solely been in existence for the reason that late 1800s, about 117 years (as of this writing, 2012). The cemetery in question, in truth, doesn’t have any graves older than about one hundred years.

The situation of the Grave
The cemetery mentioned within the Legend, seems to be the Magnolia Cemetery, situated on Franz Rd. in Previous Katy. It is a privately owned cemetery, on the westernmost outskirts of town. There are many older graves, a lot of them being these of the town’s founding fathers, and never a single headstone itemizing a date of death prior to 1900.

The Grave Stone
Commenters on the spaccio stone island The Place of Scary Haunted Locations, “Witch’s Grave – Katy, TX” site, recognized the grave in query as belonging to Barbara A. Snyder, who was born in 1834 and died in 1911. Apparently sufficient, her son-in-law, John Smart (b.1861, d.1919) shares the grave stone. Stone Island Clothes Her title, beginning date, and date of death are carved on the proper facet and his are chiseled into the left-hand side of the grave marker. On the front of the marker, is an eerie epitaph, which could also be feeding into the Legend. It reads:

“Remember me as
you go by.
As you at the moment are
so as soon as was I.
As I am now you
quickly shall be.
Prepare for dying
and comply with me.”

Is It True Or Is It Urban Legend
There is a blended batch of opinions on truth of the Legend, in line with the comments left on The Place of Scary Hunted Locations site. One lady vehemently defended the deceased woman, stating in bold font, all caps “SHE WAS NOT A WITCH!” and chastising the one who wrote the piece for their cruelty.

One other observed that the Katy Police Department, who have been purported to have removed the marble ball from atop the obelisk formed grave marker, didn’t actually have this sphere of their possession. One particular person said that they heard, from a 3rd celebration, that some teenagers took the ball. Any method you take a look at it, there shouldn’t be, at present, a 200 pound marble sphere atop the grave marker.

As for the unusual events stated to occur when studying the inscription One particular person went with some associates at midnight on a Friday the thirteenth, simply to visit the grave and browse the inscription. The weather modified a bit, changing into extremely windy, a black cat crossed their path, and a few bats flew out of some bushes close by (was it really bats or might it have been birds ). Being suitably freaked out, they left in a rush. Now this group had the added creep factor of being in a cemetery after darkish, and the Friday the thirteenth, black cat, and bats flying superstitions playing into their experience, which may bolster some individuals’s perception on this being, in actual fact, a witch’s grave.

One particular person noted that she did not believe the woman was a witch, however that it was merely a fun scary people tale to inform on a dark, night. She went on to level out that the reasonably sinister epitaph added to the spookiness of the story.

Another particular person stated that the grave marker had cradled a sphere on high at one time, and that the Katy Heritage Museum now had it. The Katy Heritage Society did not remark after i asked about it.

I’ve been to the grave site, as you’ll be able to inform by the images. I’ve read the epitaph – throughout the day time – and nothing happened. I suppose, one among lately, I am going to have to go back and read it after darkish and see if something occurs. I am going to let you know what occurs after i do. For proper now I’ll to the readers to determine whether or not it is a haunted place, an actual witches grave, or merely an City Legend.

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Find a Grave. Barbara A. Snyder. page=gr margin:0px !essential;” />Grave Witch: An Alex Craft Novel (Alex Craft Collection Guide 1) Purchase Now The Witch’s Grave Purchase Now Associated
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