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Tenerife Within the Canary Islands Has Lizards, Geckos And Skinks But No Snakes

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Geckos and Skinks of Tenerife
Along with the lizard species of Tenerife, a species of skink is found residing on the island. The West Canary Skink (Chalcides viridanus) has a sleek and shiny body, and with its tiny legs it may look extra like a small snake until you look closely at it.

13OZ Medium Vintage Wash Denim Slim Fit JeansThe West Canary Skink tends to live in partitions and underneath rocks on scrubland, waste ground and abandoned farmland. It primarily eats insects and spiders. This skink doesn’t get seen as often because the lizards as a result of it not often basks in the sunshine and spends a lot of its time underneath cover.

There are additionally two types of gecko that reside on the island of Tenerife.
The Tenerife Gecko (Tarentola delalandii) largely comes out at night when it hunts its prey.It is extensively distributed on the island.

It is an endemic species, and will be discovered under rocks on rough ground, on the walls of buildings, in addition to dwelling in the cracks in stone partitions. The Tenerife Gecko is normally some shade of gray but is very variable in its colouration. These geckos can make sounds and may usually be heard at night time when they sound quite loud and are making an unusual noise that is troublesome to describe.

The Turkish Gecko (Hemidactylus turcicus) was orignally launched to Tenerife, and it is thought that it may have arrived by boat via the capital metropolis port of Santa Cruz.

The Turkish Gecko tends to be an real stone island hat almost translucent pinkish-brown flesh color. This species can also be nocturnal. Under cover of darkness it hunts insects and spiders on the partitions and ceilings of buildings.

The Turkish Gecko can climb up flat partitions and walk the other way up throughout ceilings. It manages to carry on as a result of its specifically adapted ft. These geckos are often found close to lights the place they catch moths, flies and other insects.

The Turkish Gecko also lives within the countries around the Mediterranean Sea, in North Africa, Southwestern Asia and India, and has colonised some American States where it has been introduced.

The Turkish Gecko can drop its tail if it is in danger but can develop a new one to exchange the lacking part. Lizards and different gecko species may also do that.

In some parts of the world it is thought that having a gecko in your home will carry you luck. They will certainly assist keep the place freed from insects and spiders.

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sendingAuthorSteve Andrews 21 months in the past from Tenerife

Jean DAndrea 22 months in the past from Victoria, Australia
This was attention-grabbing, as I did not know there have been no snakes on Tenerife. Geckos are amongst my favorite reptiles, as they eat loads of insects and mosquitos. Love the brown skink photo.

I do not know the place you are but you could possibly keep it as a pet I suppose. Many people do keep geckos. They feed on insects. Keep me posted please on what you do with it.

Rach 5 years ago
Simply discovered a Tenerife gecko in my lounge, it should have come back in my husbands suitcase from Tenerife. Omg what ought to I do with it!

AuthorSteve Andrews 5 years ago from Tenerife
Thanks! I agree!

backwaterreptiles 5 years ago
Those tenerife geckos are stunning.
AuthorSteve Andrews 6 years in the past from Tenerife

Thanks for commenting!
WillSteinmetz 6 years ago

Very cute.
ReptileRevolution 6 years in the past from California

Great lizard pics.

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