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Having Immediately Develop into A Cult Phenomenon

Garment-Dyed Down Jacket In BlackInside just one year Carlo Rivetti came onto the scene. Having bought, with the GFT, 50% of Osti_s company in 1983, he took over the whole of the corporate in 1993, along with his sister Cristina, promising the continuity that through the years had bolstered the DNA of the brand.

Destined to grow to be an emblem of excessive analysis in fibres and textiles, applied to an innovative design, it is thought because the brand that_s redefined the widespread understanding of sportswear. Having immediately develop into a cult phenomenon, still immediately it maintains its place as a contemporary point of reference for younger generations.

Stone Island_s strength lies in its unique capability to work on the completed garment, via steady experimentation with dyes and mens stone island shirt sale treatments created in the Sportswear Firm_s colour laboratory. A division capable of combining advanced know-how, expertise and human capacity, that over the years has developed greater than 60,000 completely different dye recipes.