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Weekend Service: Stone Island Spring/Summer time 2017

That is by far the best SPW piece i`ve ever bought. Normally i am not that keen on latest seasons, but once i heard there will be a yellow reflective jacket launched in island stone v tile spring/summer 2011 i wanted this jacket so badly. There have at all times been reflective jackets within the final years, all the time in blue and silver. Great jackets, however yellow is a “must have” colour in my eyes. After i saw the vintage yellow marina reflective jacket i assumed to myself: “This colour has to be re-released!” And right here we go. Really the jacket has a lime-green colour in non-reflective state, a really nice summer season colour, wich makes a good match with the white particulars. Only when mild hits the jacket it displays in a brilliant yellow.Responsible for that could be a garment that is product of a particular excessive refraction fabric capable of reflecting even the slightest amount of gentle, such island stone v tile as a single torch beam at the space of 300 metres or weak moon gentle. The fabric is coated with 1000’s of glass microspheres making the jacket seen in even complete darkness. It has a hid hood, wich will be hidden in the collar if you don`t like hoods, but i think a hood makes it even cooler..

The opinions concerning the current Stone Island efforts are very completely different for the time being. We’ve got the collectors who still have love for the old days of SPW and dont price the latest efforts nearly as good as the vintage pieces and we have the individuals who nonetheless think Stone Island releases very nice jackets. Nicely when i look at the recent S/S vary i can only second that. The reflective, the heat reactive jacket, the ventile, simply to call just a few. I believe the whole range is desirable and when i look on the upcoming autumn/winter range and the brand new ICE jacket, wich will probably be released… I think Stone Island still has a lot to offer.