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What Do Mecca, Mandalay, And Puerto Vallarta Have In Widespread

Mecca, Saudi Arabia has been considered one of a very powerful cities on the Arabian Peninsula for over four,000 years. Being the birthplace of Muhammad in 570AD and the home of the largest mosque on this planet, the Grand Mosque, Mecca is taken into account by Muslims to be the holiest site of Islam. Because the 7th century Advert, Mecca has hosted thousands and thousands of Muslim pilgrims from everywhere in the world on their option to Hajj.

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Through the time period round 630AD, Muhammad was profitable in uniting the warring tribes of the Arabian Peninsula right into a single nation, below one God. With this truce, there adopted centuries of relative peace with a lot of the local tribes choosing to simply accept Islam as their own religion and using Mecca as their center of prayer. Though Mecca is mainly in the middle of nowhere, it turned a serious trading hub between the Byzantines and Bedouins because the Meccans signed treaties with everyone in the area. Goods from Africa and the Far East flowed by way of Mecca on their solution to Syria and the opposite areas within the Ottoman Empire. In the present day, the inhabitants of this holy metropolis is 1,700,000 residents.

Mandalay, Burma (Myanmar), not like Mecca, is a relatively younger city, based in 1857 with a current inhabitants of approximately 1,000,000 inhabitants. Mandalay is situated on the foot of Mandalay Hill because this is the positioning the place around 500 BC whereas visiting Myanmar, Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, pointed to the land under and around the base of Mandalay Hill and proclaimed that at sometime in the future there would exist a fantastic city on the land. In the present day, the worlds largest guide, the official Buddhist Bible consisting of 729 slabs of stone, rests in a pagoda at this site; thus it is accurate to say that Mandalay is Burma’s cultural and religious center of Buddhism.

As with Mecca, Mandalay has turn into a major trading hub, with items flowing between China and India. Also, being the religious center of Buddhism, tens of millions of Buddhist pilgrims visit Mandalay yearly to pay homage to the beautiful pagodas located there. As with Mecca, the typical each day temperature is about 75°F throughout the winter months, which might have had some bearing on why Muhammad and Buddha each preached peace and tranquility in these lovely climates.

Now we ask, what on the earth do these two religious and cultural cities have in frequent with Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Well, it simply so happens that they each lie on or very close to the 21st parallel north which is strictly the same latitude as Puerto Vallarta. For that matter, Maui, Hong Kong, Guadalajara, Hanoi, and Guantanamo Bay, additionally lie at this latitude and what they all have in frequent is nice climates throughout the winter.

Being located simply south of the very northern edge of the tropics, near the twenty third parallel north, which defines the northern edge of the Tropic of Cancer; these cities possess preferrred climates from November by way of Could when Puerto Vallarta sees a mean daily temperature of 73°F with nearly no rain. As a observe of curiosity, a big monument marking the Tropic of Most cancers rests in Zacatecas, Mexico which is due west of Mazatlan, Mexico, also resting on the Tropic of Most cancers giubbotti stone island scontati line at 23° north latitude. Mazatlan is roughly 100 miles north of Puerto Vallarta and due to this fact we are able to acknowledge the truth that Mecca, Mandalay, Vallarta, Maui, Hong Kong, and many others are all roughly one hundred miles into the tropics where the sun is directly overhead at noon through the summer solstice in June.

As a result of the climate is so comfy in these areas for such a big portion of the yr, conditions are ideal for peace and tranquility. In spite of everything, Banderas Bay, dwelling of Puerto Vallarta, obtained its identify when warring Indian tribes and Spaniards in the course of the Spanish Conquest of Mexico laid down their weapons and colorful flags (banderas) and proclaimed peace for this beautiful and comfy area. By 1530, the quick conquest was full and for nearly 500 years, there have been no critical conflicts between the Spaniards and Indians. To the opposite, they’ve intermarried for over 20 generations, to the extent the place right this moment, roughly eighty% to ninety% of all native Mexicans are mestizos, a combination of Spanish and Indian.

When the local weather is absolutely perfect for no less than seven months per year, it is solely logical that they made love and not war! To this day, the natives are nonetheless a really form, gentle, and hospitable group of individuals and conflict, crime, or any other kind of confrontation is avoided at all prices. They’re a really religious and peaceful society dwelling the motto of “mi casa es su casa” or my house is your own home. Foreigners, no matter whether or not they’re vacationers or immigrating retirees, are all the time welcome by the natives of this very special Banderas Bay area.

After we think of areas of the world with splendid winter climates, the Hawaiian Islands usually come to mind. This complete chain of islands additionally straddles the 21st parallel with Maui at the exact same latitude as Puerto Vallarta. Although the common winter temperature is 74°F, its publicity to Pacific Ocean winter storms leaves Maui with more than 15 inches of precipitation during the months of November by way of May, whereas Vallarta receives nearly none.

When evaluating either Maui or Vallarta for a winter vacation or retirement destination, a pair of factors other than local weather ought to even be considered. Maui is approximately eight hours from the US mainland, whereas Vallarta is just just a little greater than a 2 hour flight. If so inclined, you can drive to Vallarta; do not try it to Maui! Although it is far from low cost, the cost of residing in Vallarta is considerably decrease than that in Maui.

Whereas the inhabitants of the whole group of Hawaiian Islands is roughly 1,300,000 inhabitants, the island of Maui is house to lower than a hundred and fifty,000 folks; whereas Vallarta has approximately 350,000 residents. Both of those resort areas have large cruise boat terminals that welcome 1,000´s of cruising passengers each day. Both cities have lovely natural surroundings, an abundance of nice golf programs and world class deep sea fishing, numerous five star restaurants, activities for folks of all ages, evening life, and sight seeing galore. Again, it ought to be remembered that winter vacations to Maui can steadily be hampered by rainfall; however this is never the case for winter vacations to Vallarta where day by day is ideal for doing whatever pleases you.

Another magnificent metropolis lying on the 21st parallel is Hong Kong with its population of 7,000,000 residents having fun with a median temperature of 70°F throughout the months of November by means of Could; nevertheless on the draw back, Hong Kong receives greater than 25 inches of rain during this period. Any vacationer trying to find a very unique, attention-grabbing, dynamic, and lovely winter trip, Hong Kong is Stone Island Fleecewear a must. It is terribly expensive and really densely populated; subsequently you can overlook it as a possible retirement destination!

In summarizing, there are thousands and thousands of people living on or close to the 21st parallel north where the tropical winter climate is so inductive to having fun with life. Mecca, Mandalay, and Hong Kong are most likely not the most fitted for nearly all of the North American child boomers evaluating numerous retirement locations; nonetheless Maui and Vallarta ought to be given critical consideration.

For the explanations mentioned above, an estimated 50,000 North Americans have chosen Vallarta as their winter residence and the number continues to increase every day. If you are among the many lucky ones about to retire, you want to go to Vallarta and consider the opportunities it has to offer; maybe you may be amongst the subsequent 50,000 retirees that migrate to this glorious Paradise south Project of the border!