Mens Pure Cotton Stone Island Tshirt WhiteI learn a information on this site about fake stone island and so on. What I would say is that there are a number of ways of telling a fake jumper/ coat however none of them were talked about. On SOME garments by stone island there is a hologram on the back label, however not all s.i jumpers have this hologram. Additionally there are two sizes of label that s.i use of their clothes but both have a serial quantity on them.Examine for the SPORTSWEAR firm s.p.a label on the inside of the jumper. Finaly there are the obvious indicators, poor stiching on the removable arm badge, cheap zips (most s.i clothes with zips have lampo zippers) and poor high quality material. Another factor I’d say though is that in case your jumper stretches, turns into mis-shaped or starts to deteriorate this dosnt necissarily imply it is pretend as s.i clothes should be taken care of extremley nicely.

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