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From The start To Now

Paul & Shark was originally founded in 1921 in the village of Masnago which is positioned within the countryside of Milan. In these early days it was a knitting mill manufacturing and the corporate was trading under its personal identify. This company continued to commerce up until the 1980’s when it was closed best place to buy stone island down to concentrate their sources on the more and more fashionable Paul & Shark brand.

It was in 1977, a division of the corporate was created, the new division was created to concentrate on the men’s sportswear market and was named Paul & Shark. The brand new brand was instantly popular and in a few years was regarded as considered one of Italy’s finest menswear manufacturers. Thirty years later the brand is still going strong in each Italy and abroad.

Through the late 1970’s and the early eighty’s the informal soccer hooligan scene was taking off in the UK. The football companies began to wear Italian model comparable to Stone Island. Suddenly within the UK Paul & Shark had gone from being nothing to being one probably the most in demand brands of designer clothing in the mens market within the space of some years.

Because the brand gained prominence within the UK the worth of P&S clothing started to best place to buy stone island raise and the model soon got here to symbolise effectively-off soccer followers. At this time the model has a selection of mens clothes and the preferred is jumpers, knitwear and jeans. There is no doubt Paul & Shark clothing is right here to stay in the designer market with different in style Italian brands.

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